South Miami Homes

This popular city is proud of providing residents with a true sense of neighborhood. Its quiet residential areas are all close to the main shopping area. Sunset Place, located at the intersection of Red Road and Sunset Drive, is the major shopping mecca offering famous-name stores, restaurants and movie theaters.

Just as busy are the many nearby streets of fashionable boutiques, shops, bakeries, merchants of every kind, and many of Miami’s most popular indoor-outdoor restaurants. Festivals line the streets several times a year, as well as parades celebrating Christmas and the Fourth of July.

South Miami's proximity to the University of Miami campus attracts many students and faculty members as residents.

South Miami is also home to South Miami Hospital, part of the Baptist Health system, with many ancilliary physicians offices and treatment centers located conveniently nearby. South Miami is also so home to many medium-sized office buildings which house the vibrant small business activity of many local professionals and businesses.

The South Miami Metrorail stop gives residents easy access to the rest of Miami without the need to drive and is very popular with todays younger commuters.

Known as the "City of Pleasant Living", South Miami was voted as one of America’s Best Small Towns in 1999, and is truly an attractive neighborhood in the heart of a big city.

South Miami Home Construction Data

South Miami has approximately 2,800 homes built from the 1920's to the present. The following tables shows the number of homes built by decade.

Year BuiltNumber of Homes
Pre 1930 50
1930 to 1939 49
1940 to 1949 284
1950 to 1959 1545
1960 to 1969 285
1970 to 1979 228
1980 to 1989 134
1990 to 1999 93
2000 to 2009 130
2010 to 2018 96